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Leveling Your RV is Child's Play with Ultra-Fab's New Ultra Leveling Blocks

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Elkhart, Ind.--At first glance Ultra-Fab Products' new Ultra Leveling Blocks may remind you of Lego's®, but these are not children's toys. These are highly engineered tools designed to make leveling your RV easy once you reach your favorite campsite.

Gone will be the days when the first thing you do after arriving at the campground is to look around for wood pieces or big rocks to try to get the RV somewhat level so when your wife puts an egg on the counter in the galley she doesn't have to chase and catch it before it rolls off onto the floor.

Now with Ultra Leveling Blocks you will simply pull your RV into your campsite, stack the interlocking Ultra Levelers in front of your tires to the desired height then pull your RV forward--it's that easy

Manufactured from sturdy Polypropylene, these interlocking blocks are stackable in a number of configurations. You can stack them in different ways to achieve a perfect leveling of your RV. They are also perfect when your tongue jack needs a little more height

Ultra Leveling Blocks come in handy 4, 8 or 10-pack and they store easily with in the stylish carrying/storage tote bag.

Brian Allred, Ultra-Fab's vice president of sales and marketing, said, "Our leveling blocks where independent laboratory tested to hold up to 30,000lbs."

Allred also noted, Ultra Leveling Blocks come with three-year manufacturer's warranty and custom orders can have a dealer name and logo on them.

So take the hassle out of leveling your RV with Ultra-Fab's new Ultra Leveling Blocks--it's child's play.

For more information contact Ultra-Fab's customer service department at 800-860-7571 or e-mail: sales@ultra-fab.com.

4-Pack Mfg. Part Number: 48-979050 Suggested Retail Price: $18.49
8-Pack Mfg. Part Number: 48-979052 Suggested Retail Price: $32.19
10-Pack Mfg. Part Number: 48-979051 Suggested Retail Price: $38.39

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Ultra-Fab Products, Inc.

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