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Ultra-Fab's New Ultra 30-inch Scissor Jack Twin-Pack

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If you want to eliminate hand cracking you can add the Ultra Speed Socket scissor jack drill accessory

ELKHART, Ind. -- The good things in life require stability. This axiom also applies to your job, your personal relationships and, yes, even your RV.

So if you are experiencing that unstable feeling as you walk around inside your RV, Ultra-Fab's new Ultra 30-inch scissor jacks (Mfg. No. 48-979031) are an economical solution to the problem.

The Ultra 30-inch scissor jacks give added stability to travel trailers, fifth wheels, horse and cargo trailers.

The scissor jacks install easily by welding or bolting them to the RV frame by 3-in. x 10-in. multi-hole mounting plates. They are ruggedly constructed and the black powder coat finish resists rust. Their strong worm gear jacking mechanism won't slip and the 5-in. x 9-in. footpads helps combat sinking and tilting.

And once installed the Ultra 30-inch scissor jacks are easy to operate. By using the hand crank that is included in the Twin-Pack simply crank them down until they are firmly against the surface. And since they extend from 4 3/4 to 30-inches, the scissor jacks will give you stability even if your campsite is not level.

One of the unique features of Ultra-Fab's scissor jacks is that they are over 20% faster going up and down than the other leading brands because the jacks have a left thread at one end and a right thread at the other with a nut at each end so the threads work together to raise and lower faster.

If you want to eliminate hand cracking you can add the Ultra Speed Socket scissor jack drill accessory (Mfg. No. 48-979002). It saves time and effort and speeds up raising or lowering your scissor jacks. Attach the Ultra Speed Socket to your hand drill and let the drill do the work.

The 30-inch Scissor Jack (Mfg. No. 48-979032) is also available in a single pack but does not include the hand crank.

You may not always be able to control the stability in your job or personal relationships, but you can control the stability of your RV with Ultra-Fab's new Ultra 30-inch scissor jacks in single and twin packs and a step closer to the good things in life requiring stability.

Ultra-Fab's new Ultra 30-inch scissor jacks are available at Camping World, most RV dealerships and RV parts and accessories stores. To locate a dealer near you, visit www.ultra-fab.com/find_dealer.cfm

Source: Ultra-Fab Products, Inc.

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